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Metallurgical Steelmaking


There are various types of metallurgical equipment, including not only the equipment required by the raw material factory, but also the equipment required for the steelmaking process, steel rolling process, leveling process, and other processes from upstream to downstream. These devices are equipped with various bearings. These bearings are unique to metallurgical equipment; Iron powder&rdquo& ldquo; Water&rdquo& ldquo; Heat” Use it under working conditions, and also meet the requirements of“ Heavy load vibration shock&rdquo& ldquo; From ultra-low speed to high-speed rapid acceleration and deceleration” And other service conditions, and use it under the very severe working conditions it holds& ldquo; Stable operation and improved production efficiency”, It can be described as a representative industry proposition in the field of metallurgical equipment. BYB has a strong product lineup of bearings required for various metallurgical equipment. In addition, we have also taken corresponding measures to provide new solutions to the recent demand for high value-added and environmentally friendly products in the metallurgical industry